Rob Roy (Unabridged)

(ungekürzte Lesung)

Rob Roy is a captivating novel of chivalry and romance set in the Scottish Highlands of the 18th century. After rejecting the life his father has laid out for him, Frank Osbaldistone is sent to live with his uncle in the north of England. When his father's wealth and reputation are threatened, he travels to the Scottish Highlands, aiming to retrieve a set of stolen documents. It is here that he is pulled into a number of skirmishes relating to the Jacobite uprising of 1715, and where his path frequently crosses with the mysterious maverick outlaw known as Rob Roy…
Scott's portrayal of Scotland is remarkable in its vivid and evocative panorama of the Highlands, and its insightful exploration of social, economic and historic themes.
Sir, 1771-1832, , ,
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