Start Hindi (Learn Hindi with the Michel Thomas Method)

Learn over 50 essential words at the heart of Hindi and how to put them together to make yourself understood. This 2-hour basic introduction to Hindi with the Michel Thomas Method will get you speaking the language immediately: no books, no pens, no memorizing - just listen, connect and speak.

How does it work?
During the course, you will join Michel Thomas teacher Akshay Bakaya and two students in a live lesson, hearing both their successes and their mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course. Within the very first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases by listening and thinking out answers for yourself without the pressure of writing or memorizing.

Why is the method so successful?
The Michel Thomas Method was perfected over 50 years by celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas. This unique method works with your brain and draws on the principles of instructional psychology. Knowledge is structured and organised so that you assimilate the language easily and don´t forget it. The method breaks down the language into building blocks that are introduced sequentially in such a way that you create your response and move on to ever-more-complex sentences. You´ll stick with it because you´ll love it.

Where do I go next?
Start Hindi provides two hours of introduction to the language with the Michel Thomas Method. The Total course will be available soon. Please check back regularly.

Akshay Bakaya has lived in Paris since 1984 and has taught languages - Hindi, English, and French - at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, Sciences Po, Paris, the French foreign office and the International School of Paris. He is also the author of Michel Thomas Start Hindi (2014), Michel Thomas Total Hindi (2017) and Assimil, Le hindi sans peine (1994).
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Medium CD
Erscheinungsdatum 25.07.2014
Sprache Englisch
EAN 9781444792331
Verlag Hodder And Stoughton
Spieldauer 7200 Minuten
Hörbuch (CD)
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Start Hindi (Learn Hindi with the Michel Thomas Method)

Start Hindi (Learn Hindi with the Michel Thomas Method)

von Akshay Bakaya

Hörbuch (CD)
Fr. 36.90
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