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Surf Shacks

An Eclectic Compilation of Creative Surfer's Homes from Coast to Coast and Overseas

Surfing is a way of life. A life dominated by the waves and the tide with a cozy place to pause in between. Creative personalities crafting bold homes, Surf Shacks illustrates how surfers live both on and off shore.

Many abodes can fall under the label of surf shack: New York City apartments, cabins nestled next to national parks, or tiny Hawaiian huts. Surfing communities are overflowing with creativity, innovation, and rich personas. Surf Shacks takes a deeper look at surfers' homes and artistic habits. Glimpses of record collections, strolls through backyard gardens, or a peek into a painter’s studio provide insight into surfers’ lives both on and off shore. From the remote Hawaiian nook of filmmaker Jess Bianchi to the woodsy Japanese paradise that the former CEO of Surfrider Foundation in Japan, Hiromi Masubara, calls home to the converted bus that Ryan Lovelace claims as his domicile and his transport, every space has a unique tale. The moments that these vibrant personalities spend away from the swell and the froth are both captivating and nuanced.

Through anecdotes and photographs, illustrations and conversations, Surf Shacks reveals a more personal side to surfing and its eclectic cast of characters.

Indoek is a surf-centric blog celebrating a unique and independent flavor of wave-riding culture. A collective that creates and curates content around the characters, stories, art, organizations, music, and brands that reflect the shared passions and pursuits of their diverse community.
"Beautiful photography and breezy conversations, exquisitely-designed and translated into a bona fide piece of printed matter? Thank you kindly."

-Stab Magazine
"Whether you're 'in' to the surfing lifestyle or not - I mean how could you not envy these dudes- the book is an anthology of clean modern design, mixed with heightened personal flare. It's dripping with aesthetic genius, and mind boggling how these surfing pros are simultaneously some of the best interior designers we've ever seen...Honestly, Surf Shacks is more than a coffee table display book. The full color, 288-page hardcover is a wormhole into the power of having and practicing a passion. Through these surfers' record collections, backyard gardens, and painting studios we not only see unique personalities, but pieces of our own deep-down desires."

-The Manual
"Bound by the presence of surfboards and beachy elements, each space still maintains a unique look through the furniture, artwork, and layouts...The photos and easygoing Q&A style of the book show the individual personalities and lives of the surfers through the lens of their common passion."

-The Cut
"Needless to say, whether you surf or not, this book is worth picking up."

-The Field
Surf Shacks is a dream book, and it may very well change the way you imagine your future home.

-Surfer Today
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Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Herausgeber Gestalten, Indoek
Seitenzahl 256
Erscheinungsdatum 07.03.2017
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-89955-907-1
Verlag Gestalten
Maße (L/B/H) 28,7/24,5/3,8 cm
Gewicht 1842 g
Auflage 3. Auflage
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe)
Fr. 54.90
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1 Bewertung

Total toll!
von einer Kundin/einem Kunden aus Bremen am 07.07.2017

Das sind interessante Geschichten hinter den Personen. Darin zu schmökern, ist sehr inspirierend und fühlt sich ein bisschen wie Urlaub an!

Wird oft zusammen gekauft

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