Japanese Skincare Revolution, The: How To Have The Most Beautiful Skin Of Your Life - At Any Age

How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life - at Any Age

Japanese women are renowned for their beautiful skin, but until now there has been no book in English that reveals the secrets of the typical Japanese beauty routine. The Japanese Skincare Revolution is the first guide for women of all ages and races who want to have beautiful skin like the Japanese, and don't want to spend lots of money on cosmetics and treatments to achieve it.
Author Chizu Saeki is a practicing aesthetician and beauty consultant whose dream is to teach ordinary women how to become more beautiful. To this end, she writes books, teaches, and tours Japan, giving demonstrations of the techniques she developed over a career spent in the beauty industry. Her books have sold more than 3 million copies in Japan, and the revolutionary ideas presented in this volume have won the approval of skin doctors within Japan and out.
The Japanese Skincare Revolution is Saeki's best-selling skincare title, and her first to be translated into English. It is a distillation of all of her most essential techniques. In it, readers will be introduced to the lotion maska moisturizing treatment for keeping the skin fresh and lustrous; hand techniques for toning the muscles of the face; lymph massages for draining toxins and improving blood flow; natural, no-nonsense remedies for wrinkles, sagging, oiliness, pimples, and blackheads; warm care and cool care for soothing the mind and body; water massages to energize the skin; and much, much more.
Throughout the book, Saeki calls on the reader to use her own hands to touch and treat her face, and her own eyes to judge what her skin needs. She leads her toward a wholehearted skincare routine that will have her complimenting herself as her skin responds. By following Saeki's advice, every woman will discover that it's possible to have beautiful skin at any age without - spending a fortune.


CHIZU SAEKI has worked in the beauty industry all her life, entering Guerlain at age 24 and retiring from Parfums Christian Dior at 60, where she worked for 15 years. She has written more than 30 skincare books, memoirs, and self-help titles-all bestsellers. She is president of Chizu Corp., which runs an aesthetic salon and beauty school in Tokyo. Saeki writes columns for several women's magazines in Japan and regularly appears on Japanese television.

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Japanese Skincare Revolution, The: How To Have The Most Beautiful Skin Of Your Life - At Any Age - Chizu Saeki, Hirokazu Takayama

Japanese Skincare Revolution, The: How To Have The Most Beautiful Skin Of Your Life - At Any Age

von Chizu Saeki , Hirokazu Takayama

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Fr. 25.90
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