The Solarian War Trilogy (Three Full-Length Science Fiction Adventure Thrillers)

A genocidal AI is devouring our solar system. Can a few brave men and women save humanity?

Three full-length space opera thrillers, weighing in at over 1000 pages. Packed with excitement, intrigue, heartbreak, and hope, the Solarian War Trilogy has earned rave reviews. "This is quickly becoming my favorite science fiction series ever!" -- Reader Review

The Luna Deception

Who said geeks can't fight? Data analyst John Mendoza is recruited by a group of rich visionaries to fight the genocidal enemy of humanity, an AI that has occupied Mars. His employers plan to wage war on the Red Planet ... but there's a fatal flaw in their plans. Can Mendoza's quick thinking ward off disaster?

The Phobos Maneuver

Humanity's war against Mars is heating up. Alicia Petruzzelli doesn't play by the rules, but she knows Star Force needs her piloting skills. When the fleet's discipline rubs her the wrong way, she questions the UN's strategy of overwhelming force. As a riskier plan comes to the fore, Alicia must consider becoming a deserter to save humanity.

The Mars Shock

Earth's life-or-death struggle has slowed to a bloody slog across the wastes of Mars. Slaughtering Martians is all in a day's work for combat robot operator Jennifer Colden. But every kill exacts a toll on her humanity. Colden thought she was ready for anything. But is she ready for the most dangerous job on Mars: the role of protector?
The Solarian War Trilogy is the second volume of the Sol System Renegades series from Felix R. Savage, one of the most exciting new voices in science fiction. Fans of Iain M. Banks, Neal Stephenson, and James S.A. Corey have praised the series as a new classic in the space opera genre.
The trilogy includes The Luna Deception, The Phobos Maneuver, and The Mars Shock, at a bundle price of 50% off. Weighing in at over 1000 pages, this box set of three full-length science fiction thrillers will transport you to an interplanetary future like nothing you've experienced before!
Followed by The Callisto Gambit.

The Sol System Renegades series in chronological order:

Keep Off The Grass (short origin story)

Crapkiller (prequel novella)
The Elfrida Goto Trilogy
1. The Galapagos Incident
2. The Vesta Conspiracy
3. The Mercury Rebellion
A Very Merry Zero-Gravity Christmas 
(short story)
The Solarian War Trilogy
1. The Luna Deception
2. The Phobos Maneuver
3. The Mars Shock
The Callisto Gambit


Hey! I am so glad you found this book. Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

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Questions? Feedback? Email me at felixrsavage@gmail.com. I promise to reply. You can also sign up for my very irregular newsletter by dropping me a line at the same address. 

See you soon!


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The Solarian War Trilogy (Three Full-Length Science Fiction Adventure Thrillers)

The Solarian War Trilogy (Three Full-Length Science Fiction Adventure Thrillers)

von Felix R. Savage

Fr. 11.50
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