Running Over Rocks

Spiritual Practices to Transform Tough Times

Running Over Rocks is an invitation into a journey of discovery. Through reflections, images and strikingly beautiful poems, Ian Adams - author of the bestselling Cave Refectory Road - explores fifty-two spiritual practices to enable us to live with joy, grace and purpose through good and tough times alike and so to bring good to the world around us. These practices draw on an ancient wisdom but are rooted in the everyday material of our lives, revealing that any transformation of the world for good must always begin with ourselves.
After leaving University Ian set up his own business, 'Impala Displays', which became one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.K. In 1989 he won 'Young Business Achiever of the Year', and with all his success, the big house and expensive cars had a seemingly perfect life. In the1990's recession however his company went into administration and he lost everything, which led to him becoming very spiritual. In 2003, after many years of spiritual study and successful application of that spiritual understanding in business, he set up his company 'Higher Purpose'. He dedicated himself to coaching company leaders to become great through the far superior spiritual, values based approach rather than the conventional materialistic 'what's in it for us' approach. Highly creative and innovative and an outstanding leader, Ian has had exceptional success in business and coaching all his adult life. He has always recognised the importance of understanding and developing not just his key staff, but everyone who has worked for or has been associated with him. He has an acute understanding of human nature and has always derived great pleasure in helping others to grow and fulfil their potential. There is no one he can't advise or help, so long as they have positive intentions and a desire to grow. From the first day that Ian made conscious connection with his Guardian Angel, in February 2007, his intuitive ability quickly accelerated and still continues to increase and develop to a very high degree. His Guardian Angel, Juliette, will answer most questions he asks; but when it comes to anything to do with the meaning of life, our reason for existence and human behaviour, Ian finds that he intuitively knows the answer to anything that anyone would ever want to know.
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