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Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Spanish Reading for Beginners (Learn Spanish with Stories, #1)

Learn Spanish with Stories

The aim of this Spanish Short Stories for Beginners book is to help you interiorize new Spanish vocabulary so that you can learn Spanish by reading much faster. The stories you'll find here are challenging enough so that you can keep learning and absorbing new words and grammatical structures in Spanish naturally as you read.

One common mistake people make when reading is to engage in intensive reading, the kind of reading that tries to understand every single word which could rapidly become frustrating.

That is very useful when at school, but not so good if you are trying to read a story and at the same having to stop all the time to look up words on the dictionary 

 So the main idea is that you engage in EXTENSIVE READING, the kind of reading that focuses in reading material until the vocabulary sounds so familiar that you can grasp the story even though there might be a word here and there that you don't quite well understand. Your brain is catching up on new vocabulary on autopilot, the more associations you let your brain make the better your Spanish will become. So don't let a few words to bother you, keep reading, you can always come back to those words later if you need to.
We have provided some translations along the story so that reading can have a more pleasant experience.

Keep reading and try to guess the meaning of new vocabulary based on the context of the story and, if you need to, you'll find some words in parenthesis that will help you make the learning process faster and more enjoyable. Without thinking much of it you'll develop a sense for what the meaning of any given word is that you'll be gladly surprised.

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