Odd Bits

How to Cook the Rest of the Animal

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the author's award-winning Bones and Fat, Odd Bits features over 100 recipes devoted to the 'rest of the animal', those under-appreciated but incredibly flavourful and versatile alternative cuts of meat. We're all familiar with the prime cuts the beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, and pork chops. But what about kidneys, tripe, liver, belly, cheek, and shank? Odd Bits will not only restore our taste for these cuts, but will also remove the mystery of cooking with offal, so food lovers can approach them as confidently as they would a steak. From the familiar (pork belly), to the novel (cockscomb), to the downright challenging (lamb testicles), Jennifer McLagan provides expert advice and delicious recipes to make these odd bits part of every enthusiastic cook's repertoire.

Jennifer McLagan is a chef and writer who has lived in Toronto, London and Paris as well as her native Australia. Her previous books Bones (2005) and Fat (2007) and Odd Bits (2011) were both widely acclaimed and each won James Beard and IACP awards. Jennifer is a regular contributor to Fine Cooking and Food & Drink. She has lived in Toronto for more than thirty years with her sculptor husband, Haralds Gaikis, with whom she escapes to Paris as often as possible. On both sides of the Atlantic, Jennifer maintains friendly relationships with her butchers, who put aside their best fat, and odd bits for her.
'Jennifer McLagan is a writer to trust. Her last two tomes, Fat and Bones, take subjects and ingredients we tend to shun and lavishes them with the care, eloquence and scholarship they really deserve. Her new book Odd Bits is every bit as fine. This is as much a work of reference as a labour of love. The recipes are alluring, as is the writing.' - Tom Parker Bowles Mail on Sunday (Live magazine) 'There have been other books about offal, but none approached with anything like the chutzpah employed by Jennifer McLagan in Odd Bits...the award-winning author of Fat has rummaged about among the innards of the beast and brought forth something surprisingly delicious.' Telegraph magazine 'Studded with enriching literature, and written with care and knowledge. It's an important and much-needed book.' City AM 'Jennifer McLagan's Odd Bits was my "oh wow" moment' - Zoe Williams (Food Books of the Year) The Guardian 'An absorbing journey...Jennifer McLagan is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable cheerleader' - John Walsh The Independent 'A treat for anyone who values the treasure that lies beyond the breast and loin...the heart and soul of this book is economical and delicious eating' - Nigel Slater The Observer Listed in 'The 50 Best Cookbooks of 2011' - 'Offers more than your average meat book' Huffingtonpost.com 'Clever, approachable and enthusiastic book...Peppered with excellent quotes and a luxurious amount of food history...her firm and witty voice comes with huge authority.' Metro 'Splendidly titled...she treats the (odd bits) with unapologetic gusto and respect, and provides accessible and persuasive recipes.' - Matthew Fort The Lady 'A superb book - well written, witty and full of excellent prose. Odd Bits is full of great conversations and fine pictures of the finished dishes, a little madness and a lot of brilliant information.' Caterer & Hotelkeeper 'Packed full of surprisingly tempting recipes, the book also delves into the rich historical and religious roles of these unusual meats' Great British Food magazine 'McLagan's enthusiasm for her subject is contagious, and her insight and humour should get even non-believers to consider the pleasure of odd bits.' Essentially Catering 'Expert advice and delicious recipes to make these odd bits a part of every enthusiastic cook's repertoire.' Home Farmer magazine
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Einband gebundene Ausgabe
Seitenzahl 248
Erscheinungsdatum 01.10.2011
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-906417-61-1
Verlag Aurum Press Ltd
Maße (L/B/H) 260/206/25 mm
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Odd Bits

Odd Bits

von Jennifer McLagan

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Fr. 32.40


von Roxane Gay

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