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It's About Time

The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing

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Presenting case studies on QRM implementation, this book illustrates how QRM can not only reduce lead time but also improve quality, reduce operating costs, and enable companies to gain substantial market share. It explains how factories in advanced nations can use QRM strategy to compete with manufacturers in low-wage countries.
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  • The Power of TimeDefining QRMChallenges to Reducing Lead TimeQRM Focus is Different from Traditional ApproachManufacturing Critical-Path Time (MCT)Impact of MCT on Your Organization’s PerformanceRethinking the "On-Time Delivery" MetricSqueezing Out Time Leads to Numerous Improvements Organizational Structure for Quick Response: QRM Cells, Teamwork, and OwnershipResponse Time SpiralsFour Structural Changes for Quick ResponseHarnessing the Power of the Four Structural Keys Understanding and Exploiting System Dynamics PrinciplesThe Parable of the Landing GearThe Pitfall of High UtilizationThree-Pronged Strategy to Reduce Flow TimeSystem Dynamics Compared with MRP, EOQ, and Other Traditional ApproachesWhy Companies Mistakenly Invest in Warehouses Instead of Machines A Unified Strategy for the Whole EnterprisePrinciples of Quick Response in Office OperationsRestructure Your Material Planning System to Support QRMPOLCA—the Shop Floor Material Control Strategy to Support QRMTransforming Your Purchasing Using Time-Based Supply ManagementTime-Based Mindset for New Product IntroductionSummary and Next Steps ARoadmap for QRM Implementation"Power of Six" Rule for Cost Impact of QRMMind-Set First, Technology LaterEmbarking on Your QRM JourneySwitch to Time-Based Cost Justification of QRM ProjectsUse Accounting Strategies to Support QRMRecognize that Your Existing Improvement Strategies Strengthen Your QRM ProgramUse QRM as a Positive, Unifying Perspective for Your Entire Business Index About the Author Bonus CD: Appendix A: Tips for Calculating Manufacturing Critical-Path Time (MCT) and Creating MCT MapsAppendix B: Practical Examples of Focused Target Market Segments (FTMS) Appendix C: Examples of How to Think Outside the Box When Creating Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) CellsAppendix D: Simple System Dynamics Calculations for Quick InsightsAppendix E: Implementing POLCA: The Material Control System for Low-Volume and Custom Products
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Seitenzahl 228
Erscheinungsdatum 31.03.2010
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4398-0595-4
Verlag KNV Besorgung
Maße (L/B/H) 24.1/16.4/2 cm
Gewicht 578 g
Abbildungen 7 Tables, black and white 27 Illustrations, black and white
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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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