Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei

The Bradt guide to Borneo is the only guide dedicated to Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. In this new edition from expert author Tamara Thiessen, a full update has been undertaken, with particular attention paid to ensuring all practical information in the guide is up-to-date. Also revised are the deforestation and conservation sections, along with government and politics in light of changes in the national (Malaysian/Brunei) and state (Sabah, Sarawak) situation. Maps have been rechecked and updated where required, and new 'expert voices' comment boxes have been added. Also included is fully updated insider information for touring the island including regional capitals, rural outposts and National Parks. Straddling the Equator and swept by four seas and several straits, Borneo retains much of its mesmerizing aura of a remote Southeast Asian island of headhunters and wild jungle adventure. Borneo is the only island in the world to house states and a country belonging to three different nations- the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesian Kalimantan and the oil-rich sultanate of Brunei. This guide is dedicated to Brunei and the Malaysian states.
Tamara Thiessen is a freelance journalist and photographer, specializing in travel and culture. She has a Masters Degree in Journalism and 20 years international reporting experience in print and broadcast media. Based loosely between Australia and France, Malaysia has been her mid-way home since the late 1990s. The publications she writes for are as globetrotting as herself: newspapers in Australia, Asia and the United States; in-flight magazines in Brussels, Bangkok, Korea and Saudi Arabia; travel and lifestyle magazines in Hong Kong, London and Dubai; and American hotel and hospitality industry titles. She loves Borneo as much as her home island of Tasmania.
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  • Introduction vii PART ONE GENERAL INFORMATION 1 Chapter 1 Background Information 3 Geography 3, Climate 4, History 5, Government and politics 9, Judiciary and law 12, Economy 13, People 15, Language 22, Religion and spirituality 23, Culture 27 Chapter 2 Natural History 33 Biodiversity 33, Geology 34, Ecosystems and flora 35, Fauna 45, Deforestation 60, Conservation 62 Chapter 3 Practical Information 69 When to visit 69, What kind of holiday? 69, Highlights 70, Suggested itineraries 72, Tourist information 75, Tour operators 76, Red tape 79, Embassies and consulates 80, Getting there and away 82, Health 84, Safety 91, Women travellers 91, Disabled travellers 92, Families 92, Single travellers 93, Gay and lesbian travellers 93, What to take 94, Money 95, Budgeting 95, Getting around 97, Getting your bearings 101, Accommodation 102, Eating and drinking 105, Public holidays and festivals 111, Shopping 113, Arts and entertainment 114, Sports and other activities 114, Photography 119, Media and communications 119, Business 121, Living in Borneo 121, Studying in Borneo 123, Cultural etiquette 123, Travelling positively 125 PART TWO BRUNEI 129 Chapter 4 Brunei Darussalam 131 History 132, Getting there and away 135, Local tour operators 137, Bandar Seri Begawan 137, Excursions from Bandar Seri Begawan 152 PART THREE SABAH 159 Chapter 5 Kota Kinabalu 163 History 163, Getting there and away 164, Getting around 166, Tourist information 168, Where to stay 168, iWhere to eat 173, Entertainment and nightlife 176, Festivals and events 177, Shopping 177, Other practicalities 178, What to see and do 179, Excursions from Kota Kinabalu 181 Chapter 6 West Coast Sabah 187 Kota Belud and Kudat Peninsula 187, Gunung Kinabalu National Park 192, Kundasang and Ranau 199, Poring Hot Springs 202, Tambunan to Tenom 204, Beaufort - Klias Peninsula 208, West coast islands 210 Chapter 7 Northeast Sabah 211 Sandakan 211, Excursions from Sandakan 217 Chapter 8 Southeast Sabah 225 Tawau 225, Excursions from Tawau 230, Semporna 232, Lahad Datu 236, Excursions from Lahad Datu 239 PART FOUR SARAWAK 241 Chapter 9 Kuching 243 History 244, Getting there and away 244, Getting around 246, Tourist information 247, Where to stay 248, Where to eat and drink 253, Entertainment and nightlife 256, Festivals 257, Shopping 257, Other practicalities 258, What to see and do 259, Excursions from Kuching 262 Chapter 10 Southern Sarawak 263 North of Kuching 263, Bako National Park 267, West of Kuching 269, South of Kuching 271, Southeast of Kuching 273 Chapter 11 Central Sarawak 277 Sibu 277, Excursions from Sibu 283 Chapter 12 Northern Sarawak 289 Bintulu 289, Excursion from Bintulu 293, Niah National Park 293, Miri 295, Excursions from Miri 300, Gunung Mulu National Park 302, Kelabit Highlands 305, Limbang and Lawas 306 Appendix 1 Language 309 Appendix 2 Further Information 315 Index 319
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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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