George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw wurde am 26. Juli 1856 als Sohn eines Beamten in Dublin geboren. 1876 zog er nach London, wo er sich als einer der führenden Musik- und Theaterkritiker etablieren konnte. Shaw betätigte sich auch auf politischer Bühne und wurde u.a. Mitglied der Fabian Society. Seine schriftstellerische Laufbahn begann er mit fünf erfolglosen Romanen, wandte sich dann dem Schreiben von Dramen – darunter vielen Komödien – zu, die sich durch die Verbindung von Ironie, Satire und Kritik an gesellschaftlichen und politischen Missständen auszeichnen. Shaws Gesamtwerk umfasst über 60 Dramen. 1925 wurde er mit dem Literaturnobelpreis ausgezeichnet. Er starb am 2. November 1950 in Ayot Saint Lawrence.

Candida & Selected Correspondence Relating to the Play von George Bernard Shaw

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Candida & Selected Correspondence Relating to the Play
  • Candida & Selected Correspondence Relating to the Play
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The selected correspondence of Bernard Shaw relating to the play Candida contains 249 letters and entries, written between 1889 and 1950. The book represents a significant addition to modern-day understanding of Shaw's play Candida and reveals his thoughts on a wide variety of issues, love affairs und relationships with contemporaries.
This publication from a revised edition Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant. By Bernard Shaw. The Second Vol-ume, containing the four Pleasant Plays published by Constable and Company Ltd., London: 1920 is a hand-made reproduction from the original edition, and remains as true to the original work as possible. The original edition was processed manually by means of a classic editing which ensures the quality of publications and the unrestricted enjoyment of reading. Here are some inspirational book quotes from Bernard Shaw: "The play, which is called Candida, is the most fascinating work in the world." "I have written THE Mother Play-"Candida"-and I cannot repeat a masterpiece." "I shall never be able to begin a new play until I fall in love with somebody else." "I assure you in all unhumility I am the greatest dramatist of the XX century." "There is a Shaw boom on in Germany, because four of my plays have been produced in Vienna, Leipzig, Dresden and Frankfurt." "But I want the Germans to know me as a philosopher, as an English (or Irish) Nietzsche only ten times cleverer." "And remember that though we may be no bigger men than Goethe and Schiller, we are standing on their shoulders, and should therefore be able to see farther & do better. And after all, Schiller is only Shaw at the age of 8, and Goethe Shaw at the age of 32." "I am never wrong. Other people are sometimes-often-nearly always wrong, especially when they disagree with me; but I am omniscient and infallible." "Until within the last few months, when the success of Fraulein Agnes Sorma as Candida in Berlin was followed by an outbreak of Candidamania in New York, I had nothing to shew in the way of a successful play." "But everybody likes Candida. Wyndham drops a tear over Candida; Alexander wants the poet made blind so that he can play him with a guarantee of 'sympathy'; Mrs Pat wants to play Candida; Ellen Terry knows she is Candida; Candida is everybody's play except the utter groundlings." "But I dread success. To have succeeded is to have finished one's business on earth, like the male spider, who is killed by the female the moment he has succeeded in his courtship. I like a state of continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind. I am a magnificently successful man myself, and so are my knot of friends but nobody knows it except we ourselves..."
The book also includes an editor's note to German readers.

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