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Michael Robotham wurde 1960 in New South Wales, Australien, geboren. Er war lange als Journalist tätig, bevor er sich ganz der Schriftstellerei widmete. Mit seinen Romanen stürmt er regelmässig die Bestsellerlisten und wurde bereits mit mehreren Preisen geehrt. Michael Robotham lebt mit seiner Familie in Sydney.

When You Are Mine von Michael Robotham

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When You Are Mine
  • When You Are Mine
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Philomena 'Phil' McCarthy is a promising young officer in the London Metropolitan police.

But everything changes when she is called to the scene of a domestic assault. Unbeknownst to her, the abuser is a decorated detective and Phil's efforts to protect his girlfriend - Tempe Brown - from violence result in Phil being unjustly struck from the force.

In the fallout, Phil begins to teach Tempe self-defence and they strike up a tentative friendship. Tempe is thoughtful and sweet, and within a matter of weeks the two women are inseparable - talking, socialising and confiding their deepest secrets in one another. But something isn't right. Sinister things keep happening and, when a body is discovered, Phil realises that Tempe is hiding deadly secrets of her own. Secrets she is willing to kill for . . .

This pulse-racing standalone psychological thriller from the internationally bestselling author of The Secrets She Keeps is Michael Robotham's finest yet, and confirms his reputation as the Mastermind of Crime.

Praise for Michael Robotham:

'He writes in a voice with a haunting sense of soul' Peter James

'Robotham is the real deal' David Baldacci

'One of crime's greatest practitioners . . . a ripper, suspenseful read' The Australian

'Robotham doesn't just make me scared for his characters, he makes my heart ache for them' Linwood Barclay

'Michael Robotham has done it again - another accomplished crime novel unlike anything he has ever written before' Sydney Morning Herald

'Excellent' Literary Review


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