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Patrick McGrath

Patrick McGrath, geboren 1950 in
London, ist Autor von Kurzgeschichten,
u.a. Ghost Town, und acht Romanen,
darunter Spider (verfilmt von David
Cronenberg), Asylum (dt.: Stella) und
Trauma (nominiert für den Costa Novel
Award). Nach Jahren in den USA, Kanada
sowie auf einer entlegenen Insel im
Pazifik lebt er heute mit seiner Frau, der
Schauspielerin und Autorin Maria Aitken,
in London und New York.

Last Days in Cleaver Square von Patrick McGrath

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Last Days in Cleaver Square
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'This is a wonderful, thrilling novel . . . in Last Days in Cleaver Square McGrath has broken through to new depths of insight and emotion.' JOHN BANVILLE

'McGrath is a conjuror of fine detail . . . a master of the unreliable narrator - the best in the business.' JOHN SELF
'Let there be no more of this clucking and wheedling. Oh Pa, are you sure? Or: Oh Francis, is this really a good idea? Let me be clear. I am always sure, and it is always a good idea.'

An old man is sleeping fitfully. It's too hot. The air is thick with Spanish Jasmine floating in from his overgrown garden. And he's not sure whether he'll be woken by General Franco sitting on the end of his bed.

It's 1975 and Francis McNulty is nearing the end of his life but feeling far from peaceful. A veteran of the Spanish Civil War, he is tormented by grief and guilt about a brief, terrible act of betrayal from that time; and he's started seeing his old nemesis on the street, in the garden and now in his bedroom. Neither he nor his daughter Gillian, who lives with him in Cleaver square, know what to do.

When Gillian announces her impending marriage to a senior civil servant, Francis realises that he must adapt to new circumstances - and that the time has come to confront his past once and for all.
'[W]onderfully sinister ... a delight ... you are in for a thrilling ride.' SPECTATOR on The Wardrobe Mistress

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