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Dr. Richard Shepherd promovierte 1977 an der medizinischen Fakultät des St George’s Hospital in London. 1987 schloss er dort seine Ausbildung zum Gerichtsmediziner ab. Als einer der renommiertesten Pathologen Englands hat er Tausende von forensischen Untersuchungen durchgeführt. Seine fachliche Expertise ist weltweit gefragt.

The Seven Ages of Death von Richard Shepherd

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The Seven Ages of Death
  • The Seven Ages of Death
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Pre-order the heart-wrenchingly honest new book about life and death from forensic pathologist and bestselling author of Unnatural Causes, Dr Richard Shepherd.

This book is about death, but in it I will take readers on a journey through life . . .

What can death teach us about life?

Conducting many thousands of post-mortems has given Dr Richard Shepherd the opportunity to examine death at every stage of life.

Each autopsy is its own unique investigation, providing evidence of how, through life, the risks to us ebb and flow.

From old to young, from murder to misadventure, and from illness to accidental death, each body has taught him something: about human development, about mortality, about its owner's life story, about justice and even about himself.

From the bestselling author of Unnatural Causes comes a powerful, moving, endlessly fascinating and above all reassuring book about death as it touches our own lives - how to understand it, how best to postpone it, and, when our time comes (as it must come), how to embrace it, as the last great adventure on our journey through life.

Praise for Dr Richard Shepherd

'Gripping, grimly fascinating, and I suspect I'll read it at least twice'
Evening Standard

'A deeply mesmerising memoir of forensic pathology. Human and fascinating'
Nigella Lawson

'An absolutely brilliant book. I really recommend it, I don't often say that but it's fascinating' Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

'Puts the reader at his elbow as he wields the scalpel' Guardian

'Fascinating, gruesome yet engrossing'
Richard and Judy, Daily Express

'Fascinating, insightful, candid, compassionate' Observer

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