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Rochus Misch, geboren 1917, der nie Mitglied der NSDAP war, wurde mit seinem Gardemass von 1,85 m nach der Musterung für die Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler ausgewählt. Ab 1940 arbeitete er bis Kriegsende als Leibwächter, Kurier und Telefonist Hitlers. Nach Hitlers Tod geriet er für neun Jahre in russische Kriegsgefangenschaft. Rochus Misch ist verwitwet und hat eine Tochter.

Hitler's Last Witness von Rochus Misch


Hitler's Last Witness
  • Hitler's Last Witness
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This memoir of Hitler's personal bodyguard presents "convincing first-person testimony of the dictator's final desperate months, days and hours" (Huffington Post).

After being seriously wounded in the 1939 Polish campaign, Rochus Misch was invited to join Hitler's SS-bodyguard. There he served until the war's end as Hitler's bodyguard, courier, orderly, and, finally, as Chief of Communications.

On the Berghoff terrace, he watched Eva Braun organize parties, observed Heinrich Himmler and Albert Speer, and monitored telephone conversations from Berlin to the East Prussian Headquarters on July 20, 1944-after the attempt on Hitler's life. As the Allied forces closed in, Misch was drawn into the Führerbunker with the last of the faithful. He remained in charge of the bunker switchboard as his duty required, even after Hitler committed suicide.

Misch knew Hitler the private man. His memoirs offer an intimate view of life in close attendance to Hitler and of the endless hours deep inside the bunker. They also provide new insights into military events-such as Hitler's initial feeling that the 6th Army should pull out of Stalingrad. Shortly before he died, Misch wrote a new introduction for this English-language edition.

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