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Rolf Schmiel studierte Psychologie und Arbeitswissenschaften an der Universität Bochum. Der Diplom-Psychologe ist als selbstständiger Motivationsexperte und Kongressredner tätig. Zu den Unternehmen, die mit ihm zusammenarbeiten, gehören unter anderem Audi, BMW, Coca-Cola, DHL, Lufthansa, Nokia, Siemens und Vodafone.

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Are people really becoming more productive? Do we have untapped resources? Drawing on numerous high-profile examples, Rolf Schmiel provides evidence that our greatest achievement potential can be found in our defeats. What doesn't kill us, can turbocharge our success. Everyone has the potential to make a vertical takeoff. "Schmiel's Quick Test for Motivators" lets readers discover their motivational type and the best methods of tapping their hidden resources. But just one thing: it's not enough to simply want something, we also have to take action!

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