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Bernie Krause, geb. 1938 in Detroit, studierte Violine und klassische Komposition. 1963 ging er als Gitarrist zu den Weavers. Als Spezialist für elektronische Musik arbeitete er u.a. mit den Byrds, Doors, Stevie Wonder und George Harrison zusammen, war an den Soundtracks zu Kinoklassikern wie Apocalypse Now, Rosemary’s Baby, Love Story und Doctor Doolittle beteiligt und veröffentlichte fünf eigene Alben. 1975 ging Krause zur Universität zurück und promovierte mit einer Arbeit über Bio-Akustik. Auf seinen Weltreisen hat er 15.000 Arten und 4000 Stunden 'soundscapes' verschiedener Habitate aufgenommen, von denen die Hälfte heute nicht mehr existiert. Krause lebt mit seiner Frau in Kalifornien.

The Power of Tranquility in a Very Noisy World von Bernie Krause

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The Power of Tranquility in a Very Noisy World
  • The Power of Tranquility in a Very Noisy World
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Doing for our personal "soundscape" what Marie Kondo did for our personal living space, Bernie Krause compiles what he's learned in a career in sound into a practical guide for how we can improve our well-being by fine tuning the auditory environments in which we live.
Our lives are riddled with sound: the cooing baby down the hall, an ambulance screeching by, white noise from the television. Unsurprisingly, the noisy environment in which we live has an immense impact on our concentration, alertness, and feelings of anxiety. Based on a lifetime of research, author and soundscape expert Dr. Bernie Krause shows us a series of techniques to harness our clamorous surroundings to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.
The noise in our lives - that special category of the soundscape - is a debris field of arbitrary and often harmful signals vying for our attention but with nothing much to offer in return. And yet we haven't paid much heed to this toxic auditory space, partly because we are not aware how much we are negatively impacted by it. In order to manage the rubble that distorts and hinders our mind and well-being, we must first understand it.
In the vein of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, readers will learn what sounds are pleasurable or harmful, the cultural disparities in sound barriers, the difference between human-created and natural sound, and much more. Thoroughly researched and accessibly crafted, The Art of Listening will help you learn how to gain control over your sonic experiences and live a more tranquil and enduring life.

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