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Facts, information, thoughts & opinions: Non-fiction books in English

No matter what subject you are interested in, you will find new perspectives, inspiration, and insights with a non-fiction book. The range of non-fiction covers everything from the lives and experiences of famous people, how to negotiate effectively in business, to the history and influence of the British Empire. By choosing to read non-fiction in English, you will discover a unique viewpoint from the Anglosphere with books that may (yet) not be available in your native language.

Factual books to expand your knowledge

Whether you want to increase your chances of promotion at work or get the most out of your hobby, there is a non-fiction book that will help you achieve your goals. Benefit from the authors’ knowledge and expertise in an accessible way, whatever your level of skill in the subject. The best non-fiction books impart vital, insider information and give you essential tips and tricks – whether you are looking for advice on interior design or a travel guide for your next holiday.

Non-fiction books that create a personal connection

Do you wonder what makes other people click? Biographies shed light on the life experiences of famous actors, bestselling authors, leading politicians and historical figures. And books on art and culture explain the creative processes that drive the world’s leading painters, sculptors, and architects. Non-fiction books on religion and beliefs will increase your understanding of the great faiths of the world and encourage you to consider and reflect on your own convictions.

Start your learning journey with a non-fiction book

Whether you are looking to improve your professional expertise, your knowledge of the world or your understanding of other people, there is a non-fiction book at Orell Füssli that will help you. And while you are online, why not browse our selection of new releases in English?