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Novels & Fiction books: Stories that will inspire, intrigue & engage

From classic novels to books on the cutting-edge of storytelling, the range of fiction in English is so wide you’re sure to find something that will appeal to you. Fiction books allow you to lose yourself in an author’s imagination – they will whisk you away to a fantasy world, a different century or somewhere you’ve never visited. Here, you meet new characters who you might fall in love with, or maybe begin to loath!

Nothing is true: Why read fiction?

Unlike non-fiction, the advantage of the best fiction books is that they do not claim to tell a true story. Characters, plots, dialogue are all conceived by the author, who calls on their own creativity, imagination, and talents to tell a story you can believe in. This allows you to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar environment and lets you reflect on how you would react if you found yourself in the situations described. In fact, it is your own interpretation and reaction that makes reading a novel such a uniquely personal experience.

Finding novels that are right for you

Fiction covers many genres – from historical romance to crime and thrillers. And fiction comes in many forms – you can dip into collections of short stories from authors like Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe or Margaret Atwood that showcase their inventiveness and range as well as light novels, or immerse yourself completely in a bestseller that runs the gamut of human emotions and experiences from leading authors such as F Scott Fitzgerald, Zadie Smith or John Grisham.

Whatever your preference, when you are ready to enjoy a good book, browse the collection of fiction novels at Orell Füssli. We offer the best stories from authors you know, and new books from writers you are yet to discover.